The world of employee benefits is constantly changing and increasingly complex. Benefit Services Incorporated can help you keep up with the regulatory environment surrounding employee benefits by monitoring legislative and industry trends and notifying you as changes arise. Sometimes that will mean a short email blast reminding you of a deadline or a longer notification describing new regulations.  Often if a compliance issue arises that your consultant thinks would be of particular concern for your company, he or she might call you directly to arrange a meeting.  For more general information, Benefit Services Incorporated publishes a quarterly newsletter and maintains website newsfeed.  We provide model notices, templates and other communications assistance, as well as an HR library where you can find a wealth of information from checklists for new hires to timelines of health care reform.  We also offer Plan Document services.  You give us your information and we will supply you with a fully compliant, up-to-date document customized to fit your needs.

Upon request, Benefit Services Incorporated will perform a comprehensive Compliance Audit in the following areas:

  • State and federal regulations
  • Notices, filings, and distribution requirements
  • Contracts and plan summaries
  • Plan documents, SPDs, and 5500 filings
  • Onsite posters
  • Wrap documents


Please call 781-237-3776 or email for more information